Where we work

LASER is a £4.3M centrally managed DFID programme operating in 8 countries which started in 2014 and is due to finish in May 2017. A demand led and problem driven programme, LASER did not set out to share resources equally or duplicate activities in all 8 countries. Instead, support was provided based on need and informed by value for money considerations, enabling us to focus resources where the greatest impact could be achieved with the resources available and within the life of the programme. As a result LASER undertook light touch interventions in Bangladesh, Burma and Tanzania, with longer term, more in-depth support in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Somaliland.

Central to LASER’s approach has been the development of relationships with local partners, the joint identification of problems, and collaboration on the design and testing of solutions. Rather than offering set solutions or providing pre-determined inputs, LASER adapted where, how, when and to who we provided support. The nature of the technical support and the way we delivered it also differed based on the local context and the needs of each country partner.

This meant that our work has ranged from helping to introduce court annexed alternative dispute resolution in Kenya, supporting small claims procedures in Uganda, commercial contracting in Rwanda and Sierra Leone, and electricity regulatory reform and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in Somaliland. We have worked with ministries, the judiciary and legal service providers, and supported countries through long term resident advisors based in-country, short term inputs from local and international consultants, and pro bono legal support from UK-based experts and firms.

LASER provided technical advice, served as a facilitator, helped broker relationships and supported access to and delivery of legal pro bono support. We also assisted our partners to engage with and leverage other donor support and investment.

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