Synthesis Papers

LASER synthesis papers aim to help donors, development practitioners and suppliers, developing country partners and other stakeholders better understand why and how to approach investment climate reform programming differently.

The papers reflect emerging best practice and lessons learnt on what works and what does not work in doing development differently, and using an adaptive approach to investment climate reform. The papers have been peer-reviewed by experts in the field, such as advisers at DFID, World Bank, IFC and the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development, practitioners and technical experts working on similar programmes or leading academics.

First synthesis paper – Investment climate reform: doing it differently
Drawing on our experience in taking a problem-focused approach to investment climate reform, we discuss in this peer-reviewed paper emerging lessons and reflections on what works, both in recent literature and in practical experience. June 2015

Second synthesis paper – Delivering institutional reform at scale: problem-driven approaches supported by adaptive programming
Drawing on our experience on the ground, this peer-reviewed paper suggests how problem driven approaches, supported by adaptive programme management can be implemented at scale in relation to donor programming aimed at institutional reform and improving state capability. February 2016

Third synthesis paper – Adaptive programming in practice: shared lessons from the DFID-funded LASER and SAVI programmes
In collaboration with the DFID Nigeria funded State Voice & Accountability Initiative (SAVI), we have drawn together key lessons and recommendations on working in an adaptive manner informed by practical experience.  August 2016

Fourth synthesis paper – Forget the money: De-linking technical assistance November 2016 The paper sets out a mechanism for donors wishing to embrace new thinking on institutional reform and work in more problem driven, iterative ways. It proposes including within donor programming portfolios a few, small and flexible TA programmes with TA de-linked from large scale donor programming.

Fifth synthesis paper – Learning, monitoring and evaluating: achieving and measuring change in adaptive programmes June 2017