Occasional research papers

As well as producing practical guidance, tools and case studies, LASER undertakes research to further enhance the evidence base that underpins investment climate reform.

Is there a causal link between investment climate and growth? A review of the evidence June 2015 This paper reviews the evidence for the proposition that investment climate improvements, generate economic growth.

Retrospective study of the progress, performance and impact of the Uganda Commercial Court 1996-2015 November 2015 The study considers the performance and impact of the Commercial Court Division of the High Court of Uganda (the ‘Commercial Court’) from its inception in 1996 to date, including the role that donor assistance has played in supporting institutional reform. Retrospective reviews over such a lengthy time frame are rare, with donor time-scales tending to be short term and based on relatively short project cycles. Bucking this trend, this study considers the extent to which DFID’s support to the Commercial Court from 2000-2005 has contributed to sustained reform today.

Commercial Law and Justice as an investable product: a value for money perspective October 2016. This paper seeks to develop the evidence base on the investability of commercial law and justice (CLJ) reforms, by applying cost benefit analysis (CBA) as one tool through which to establish their value for money. The aim is to help explore the impact of investment in commercial law and justice reform, to inform the prioritisation of resources.

Changing the rules of the game: investment climate reform in fragile and conflict affected situations November 2016 This paper provides lessons about implementing investment climate reform in fragile and conflict affected situations from LASER’s work in five contexts in various states of fragility (Kenya, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, Rwanda, and Uganda).