Case Studies

While much has been written on doing development differently and adaptive programming, it is also widely recognised that the number of cases is still too small to allow for global, systematic comparisons (see The Case for Thinking and Working Politically – Booth et al). In order to build case-specific evidence LASER has developed the following case studies:

Case studies of intervention during LASER pilot phase – illustrating the problem deconstruction process undertaken by a LASER resident adviser in Kigali

Rwanda case study: PDIA in practice during the pilot – domestic resources April 2015

Rwanda case study: PDIA in practice during the pilot – foreign direct investment April 2015


Case studies illustrating LASER’s hourglass approach for doing development differently – see Our Approach for further details

Kenya case study: Exploring how to use a problem-driven iterative adaptation approach in restructuring pre-existing institutional reform programmes November 2015

Uganda case study: Designing an institutional reform programme at scale December 2015

Rwanda case study: PDIA in practice – strengthening contract management Updated January 2016

Somaliland case study: Adopting a PDIA approach in FCAS – enhancing donor programming in Somaliland Updated January 2016

Rwanda case study: Lessons from supporting a Law & Policy Fellow in Rwanda June 2016

LASER case study: Embedding reform and exiting – LASER’s application of the hourglass approach to achieve sustainable results August 2016

Sierra Leone Case Study: investment climate reform in a fragile and conflict affected situation February 2017

LASER case study: Sharing and communicating LASER’s learning June 2017

LASER case study: Examples of how the ‘top of the hourglass’ works in practice June 2017


Case studies on technical aspects of LASER support

Rwanda and Uganda Case Study: Lessons from supporting the development and scale up of small claims procedures February 2017

Rwanda Case Study: Gender considerations and perspectives in commercial law and justice reform – LASER’s experience in Rwanda  June 2017


Case studies on how LASER has worked with the legal pro bono community

The UK Sierra Leone Pro Bono Network: a case study on demand led pro bono assistance August 2015

Rwanda case study: using pro bono support to build government capacity March 2015

Somaliland electricity sector regulation: a case study on pro bono assistance May 2016

Economic Development Legal Information Service (EDLIS): a case study on delivering pro bono assistance to DFID November 2016