How LASER helps

We work to improve the investment climate in developing countries by helping their governments to identify and solve commercial law and justice problems, and by documenting and sharing lessons learnt about how to do this. Our aim is to contribute to an improved business environment and increased investment in developing countries. We help developing country governments to:

  • Adopt a more strategic, evidence-based approach to commercial law and justice reform; and
  • Develop, test and implement measures to promote investment and enhance the business environment.

LASER is a three-year (2014-2017) programme which operates in eight countries, including fragile and conflict affected states (FCAS), working closely with the government in each of those countries.
LASER is funded by the UK taxpayer through the Department for International Development (DFID) and is a centrally managed programme, working directly with developing country government partners.

Download the LASER factsheet or view LASER’s DevTracker page to find out more.


  • Provide direct technical assistance through long-term advisers embedded in partner governments, UK legal pro bono networks and short-term legal experts.
  • Help identify and address the constraints developing countries face in accessing appropriate legal and judicial support.
  • Assist partner governments to articulate their needs and develop interventions that are genuinely country-owned and led.
  • Support developing countries to improve their ability to make evidence based decisions.
  • Pilot different approaches for DFID (and other donors) and the UK legal sector to work together to achieve long term impact in developing countries.
  • Support donors, including DFID, with their investment climate programmes, from initial scoping and design to business case development.
  • Conduct and publish research and use lessons learnt to influence how commercial law and justice reform is approached by developing countries and donors.
  • Test, in partnership with DFID, an adaptive programming approach to investment climate reform.
  • Share our experience of working in a demand-led, politically smart and adaptive manner with donors, suppliers and practitioners operating in a wide range of technical areas.

Who We Are

LASER is implemented on behalf of DFID by a consortium comprising KPMG and The Law & Development Partnership (LDP).

LDP is a niche consulting firm focused on helping our partners create more just and prosperous societies. LDP consists of experienced legal and governance experts, economists and trade and international development specialists.  Having lived and worked in developing countries, the team has a strong understanding of development issues from a local perspective and how governments work from the inside.

LDP’s core capabilities are innovation, strategic advice, monitoring & evaluation, and adaptive programming. Central to our work is our demand-led and problem driven approach, which enables us to support our clients to address the problems they care about, in a way and at a pace that enables systemic change. Through learning by doing and adapting as a result, we help develop sustainable solutions.

KPMG’s International Development Assistance Services (IDAS) practice brings together a global network of more than 250 professionals with expertise in development economics, private sector development, international trade, governance, monitoring and evaluation services, fund management, anti-corruption, security and access to justice and public sector reform, among others. The IDAS network is backed by an extensive pool of specialised consultants and the benefits that come from being part of one of the world’s largest providers of professional services.